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    BMW in Talks to Purchase Saab

    Would you have ever imagined there could be a connection between BMW and Saab? It seems a little odd considering how well BMW has been dominating the luxury vehicle market and how poorly Saab has been doing lately. However, BMW of Riverside has learned that BMW is seeking to buy Saab. It's not a definite yet, there are about six or seven other companies bidding, but there is more logic behind the move than you might think. 

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    BMW Online Gains Yelp Connectivity

    If you've ever been in a new part of town or a new town all together, chances are you've been left wondering where to grab a bite to eat or shop. While you could leave it up to chance to pick a decent sounding place, we here at BMW of Riverside are here to ask, why risk it? Yelp is a service that draws in nearly 54 million unique visitors a month, and…

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    My BMW Remote App Can Lock Your Vehicle Remotely

    Have you ever been juggling groceries and the kids and accidently locked your keys in your vehicle? Have you ever parked in a massive mall parking lot and returned hours later from shopping to discover you don't remember what level you parked on? Well, your favorite Orange County bmw dealer has the scoop on a new product from BMW that is going to be extremely helpful to many people.

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    BMW Announces Winner of Olympic Pavilion Construction Contest

    BMW of Riverside is incredibly excited today because BMW has just announced who won the design for its Pavilion at the Olympic Park. If you were not previously aware, BMW is an official automotive partner for the 2012 Olympic Games in London! To design its pavilion, BMW created a competition between six major architecture firms and the British firm Serie is the winner!

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    BMW Looks for More Electronauts to Test ActiveE

    Now that the BMW ActiveE is officially in test mode, the Bavarian automaker is seeking a few more Electronauts to help out. The testing is occurring in select markets, including Boston, MA; Hartford, CT; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Sacramento, CA; San Diego, CA; and San Francisco, CA. Whether it's you or a friend, you can do a great service by either participating or referring someone to, as the information gathered in the…

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    BMW Plans Massive Expansion of Spartanburg Plant

    2012 has been pretty great so far at BMW of Riverside and the good news just keeps rolling in. We've recently found out that after unprecedented success, BMW is planning on expanding its Spartanburg, South Carolina plant for the 5th time! There has been so much demand for the X brand that BMW is counting on the Spartanburg plant to pump more out and start producing the BMW X4!

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