Today BMW's are equipped with many features which can be technical and complicated. In order to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of driving your new vehicle, BMW of Riverside would like to extend an invitation for further product explanation after you had time to experience your new vehicle firsthand. You'll now have two product geniuses who will explain features and functions in the time frame and manner you prefer.
 BMW Genius Hotline
1844-4GENIUS (443-6487)
Available Monday - Friday
9:00AM - 9:00PM (EST)

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 BMW Genius App

The BMW Genius App is the all-new way to learn about your BMW on your tablet and smart phone. This app provides you with how-to videos about key features and functionalities, as well as model specific product information. The better you know your BMW, the more you can enjoy the benefits of BMW's class leading innovations.

Visit on your smartphone or tablet to install the BMW Genius App.
 Complimentary BMW Encore Delivery

A powerful program designed to enhance the new-owner experience. The Encore Delivery is a complimentary Client Services provided by BMW of Riverside to assist you with utilizing and programming the various features your new BMW is equipped with. It is our pledge to clearly explain to you the features that make up The Ultimate Driving Machine.


Ask a Genius or Request an Encore Appointment